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Activism Media – Media Making a Difference!

Our mother needs our help! We only have one planet, we only get once chance!

What would you do if your mother needed your help? What if she were dying, would you run to be by her side? Would you do everything in your power to save her? What if your survival depended on her’s?



It is not a thing… It is alive!
Long ago, before the first human was born,
Before the first tree began reaching for the sun, her life began.
She breaths and grows. Her blood rushes through her veins.
She can speak her mind, and she can feel pain.
She can feed us when we are hungry. She can heal us when we are sick.
She has the power to give us energy and the power to make us smile.
She’s not a thing, she’s the earth!

And there is a reason, we call her mother!
Every day 19 more of the Earth’s species disappear, forever.
There is hope, with your help, whales have begun to return.
The bald eagle is off the endangered list.
And one million acres of rain forest were protected, forever.
We only have one planet, we only get once chance!
Our mother needs our help!
Do something!

~‘Mother’ PSA
Earth Communications Office



My 85 year-old fathers recently passed away. First there was a phone call from my mother, “Your dad is sick!” Then the string of phone calls from one sibling to another, friends, family, etc. The circle that lovingly holds a life is full of people, who knew him, loved him, cherished his life, and appreciated and praised his presence in theirs.

This holds true for our planetary mother! This article is my phone call to you…

“Your mother needs your help! Do something! Anything!”



There is a circle that holds the life in your community, people you know and people you don’t know. Get to know them, gather together, and share your vision of how to save your mother! Love her! Cherish her! Appreciate and praise her presence! Without her, we wouldn’t exist.


Let’s Go to the Movies for Our Mother

If you haven’t seen the film ‘Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take,’ then sit back and enjoy!



On the Thrive website, you can connect with others who share your same passions. You can see what a thriving, sustainable community can look like, with tools for creating lasting solutions in your life!


My favorite part about the Thrive Solutions Model, it’s based on a whole-system approach comprised of twelve interconnected sectors that cover the primary areas of human endeavor, the 12-around-1 Model. Imagine 12 sectors of interest that comprise a healthy, thriving community.
By identifying key problems in each of these sectors and coming up with solutions that are good for all of them, we will avoid having unforeseen impact in a sector seemingly distant from the immediate concern at hand. Both the structure and process of the model are based on nature’s design principles.





Visionary and innovator Buckminster ‘Bucky’ Fuller “Bucky” Fuller(1895-1983) decided to dedicate his life to seeing if one individual can really make a difference. He trained in engineering and architecture and his investigations of nature’s blueprint allowed him to become one of the 20th century’s most prolific inventors. He is most famous for inventing the geodesic dome and the Dymaxion car and house. But perhaps Bucky’s most profound legacy will turn out to be how he revealed the structure of the Unified Field which he called the “Cosmic Octave Hierarchy” – the 12-around-1 Model.





“This natural, rooted in science, design principle (12-around-1 model) is a gift from our planetary mother!” ~Lisa Clapier

 This design principle reveals how energy flows naturally, which Bucky identified “…as the most elegant, self-replicating model in nature!”




What if we had, naturally, a design for keeping people informed about all that is happening beyond their own area of focus, and to facilitate the sharing of needs and resources – locally, nationally and globally – so that on any issue a full range of participation is easy to come by, and solutions reached, in the most elegant, self-replicating model available!




Thrive Solution Groups are self-organizing all over the planet and now you can search for groups in your area, or start your own. Thrive groups share best practices with each other, so everyone benefits from each other’s experiences and progress. There are currently 172 groups in 27 different countries and growing quickly.






Other evolutionary leaders who use this 12-around-1 model:

Barbara Marx Hubbard                           Duane Elgin                                 Hazel Henderson

               Author, Birth 2012                Author, The Living Universe          Author, Planetary Citizenship



If I were a mother (which I am)? I would leave a code, a design in nature, to help my children find their way home!

“I am an activist, the rent I pay for living on this planet!”


Our mother needs our help! We only have one planet, we only get once chance! Do something! Anything!

Lisa Clapier


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