The Skinny: Adventures Of America’s First Bulimic By Rayni Joan


A semi-autobiographical coming-of-age novel for every woman who has ever questioned herself… 
 “A Rollicking great story…
magical and moving.”


“Worthy of note.”
Southern Review of Books


“Sensational! An escalating
journey of courage and self
discovery to a personal world
of healing and wellness…
an inevitable winner!”
Lallouz International




Book Description

Publication Date: May 14, 2008
Funny! Sexy! Moving! She thought she was the first one since ancient Rome. Her mother wished she could do it, too. Her doctor called it “a great weight control technique.” In repressive 40’s and 50’s small-town America, no one knew of “eating disorders,” but everyone yearned to be “skinny.” Struggling with a spider-web of parental and social animosity up to and including abuse, Rowena Gay Wine is torn between a thirst for all of life’s pleasures and her gut-wrenching secret. She survives — even thrives — with imagination, determination, and humor. Here is a novel that runs the gamut of timeless human experience, from terror to tickling, from deep love to shallow sex, from “baby whispering” to an intervention by angels that keeps Rowie miraculously alive, and much more in between, even including a car chase! Along the way, Rowie’s self-awareness, personal insights, and creative courage open the floodgates for a whole generation of women to escape from limitations and doubt.

3 Reviews
5 Stars – A Slice of Life with an Eating Disorder – By Lori Hanson, January 13, 2010

Hurray to Rayni Joan for her bold, honest and incredible tale of the adventures, torment and confusion experienced by Rowie! Knowing this was based on a true story made it all the more interesting because the tale at times makes you so uncomfortable when Rowie was taken advantage of again and again. You’ll cheer for her every time she makes a step forward and feel every set back deeply, painfully.Rayni is a wonderful story teller and paints pictures so vivid that you experience every step of the journey right along with Rowie, even when she’s headed out of body for awhile to disengage from the pain of abuse.This is a great read for anyone trying to understand what their child or loved one is going through when suffering with bulimia and why they aren’t able to just “stop.” You will finish this book having just digested a slice of life sadly experienced by millions of young girls and women today.  – Lori Hanson, Author of It Started With Pop-Tarts



5 Stars – Brave & Honest plus a fabulous story! – By NYCmom , April 4, 2009

The Skinny: Adventures of America’s First Bulimic (Kindle Edition)

This book is an amazingly truthful statement about what life is like with an eating disorder and more specifically, an eating disorder drenched in shameful acts that the suferer thinks can only be performed by themselves!
Other reviewers have said the book is too long – I don’t agree! This story could not have been told without all the wonderful details of the “adventures” Rowie takes. This book is about bulimia but it’s also about growing up female in America and about growing up Jewish. It’s about life and love and unfortunatly the gross realities that hit us as we try to grow up.



5 Stars – A great read – By BeachWriter (Redondo Beach, CA, USA) – December 2008 

The Skinny: Adventures of America’s First Bulimic is a good and fast read. As I followed the story of Rowie from early childhood to the time she becomes a mature young woman I was impressed with Rayni Joan’s vivid descriptions. I could not only see the places and situations she was describing but felt all my senses come to life as I smelled, tasted and heard everything that the heroine goes through. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes a good story.



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