‘Sojourner Truth’ Statue Broken And In Need Of Repair

by  Delgreta Brown


I am sharing this information in the interest of creating art and preserving art and culture.

The Public Art work, “Sojourner Truth” by Master Artist Elizabeth Catlett, has apparently been broken. And has been in a possibly irreparable state for some time now (since it happened in January).




The work was one of the city’s downtown public art displays, and was located on the prominent K St. Read about it here:  http://sacpedart.com/?p=3840



After searching online, I found that the blog site really is the ONLY reference on the internet that makes mention of the damage and loss of this particular sculpture. I can only speculate that limited information on the matter is due to a lack of publicity, interest or concern.




As a next generation artist and a Sacramento artist I am extremely alarmed that so little attention was provided. In all honesty, I makes me wonder in the future how my work would be cared for. When I look at the photograph of the broken statue, it casts a bleak picture. Perhaps people think that when an artist passes there’s no one to speak for their work, or legacy and so it’s okay to let it fall by the wayside. Her work is treasured, it has value and meaning on so many different levels.


What can be done? Who can fix? Since Mrs. Catlett passed April 2012. http://elizabethcatlett.net/


I hope the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC) will put out an artist call for a sculptural restoration project.


I sincerely believe if SMAC were to put a call out, sculptors would respond to the challenge. Moreover the selected sculptor would be honored to restore the work.


Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC)

300 Richards Blvd., 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95811
Tel. (916) 808-3992
Fax (916) 808-3996

twitter – @SacMetroArts



6 Responses to ‘Sojourner Truth’ Statue Broken And In Need Of Repair

  1. Hello Ms. Brown,

    Just a note to let you know that it is very important to get and keep the facts right in this story. The vandalism happened on Sept.,6, 2012(not in Jan.2013)which is even more shameful to know that there have been absolutely no mention(to my knowledge) of this incident anywhere. We are trying to get answers now and also finding the best solution for getting it repaired. I will be happy to keep you posted on the developments of this story.

  2. Thank you Kevin for the correction. I agree it is shameful that it the vandalism happened in September 2012. Apparently, I as well as others were in the dark about the actual time that it took place. I look forward to this great work of art being repaired by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

    • As we continue to update the facts to this story, we talked with a SMAC representative and found out that the actual date of the vandalism was January 6, 2013. We are also happy to report that significant progress continues to be made at getting the sculpture repaired. I reached out to family members of Ms. Catlett and have exchanged messages with two and awaiting to hear from the third member of the family whom is responsible for any questions to the estate on any matters/questions of her sculptures. Also, the city(SMAC) have found and been in contact with a conservator with a very strong reputation and resume. She is optimistic about the renovation. We will continue to follow and report the progress of this unfortunate event.

  3. khubaka, michael harris

    officials responsible for the Sacramento Convention Center and the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Art in Public Places are poised to communicate good data… including when, where, who, how and why a positive way forward is possible… what remains essential is the education of the living legacy of Sojourner Truth and the international artistic legacy of Elizabeth Catlett Mora… the salient conversation.

  4. Thank you so much for getting the word out.

    A small correction. The statue was vandalized in early January 2013 (the September date is when I first published a blog about the piece and before it was vandalized). In January, after I learned about the vandalism, the blog post was updated to let people know what had happened.

    I have received a recent update, but I believe that SMAC is indeed working toward getting the sculpture repaired.

    We are all in agreement that this piece of art is a Sacramento treasure!

  5. Delgreta Brown

    SMAC has an update on their site in the Art In Public Places (APP) News and information section. Here’s the direct link to “Repairing ‘Sojourner'” http://www.sacmetroarts.org/APP-News-Info.html

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