“SULE THE PROVERB DETECTIVE” – Inspiring Animated Television Series

Show Synopsis:

Sule is a 30 minute (two eleven minutes shows) animated television series where a ten-year old African detective named Sule helps other kids solve the meaning of proverbs. Each episode involves children going to Sule’s Proverbs Detective Agency seeking help withsule-feat understanding the meaning of a specific proverb. Whether it’s Bad dancing does not break an engagement or Do a good deed and throw it into the sea, Sule’s clients have to learn what these proverbs mean so they can both get out of trouble and stay out of trouble.

Of course Sule could easily solve their problems by telling them exactly what each proverb is saying. But why should he? He just loves having fun. And it’s much more exciting for him to take them on an adventure where he can show them what the proverb means instead of telling them. The journey he leads them on is often tricky and troublesome, yet in the end the children experience the proverb’s lesson for themselves, which makes its meaning more impactful to them and to the viewers.

About the creator:

sule-authorRene Rawls is an award-winning screenwriter who absolutely loves creating content geared towards children, young adults and families. Her feature length teen script, Homecoming Queen, was optioned by J2 Films, and she’s a published ghostwriter of a children’s book (she wishes she could say which one).

Rene is also the creator of the Sule Series, which she initially conceived as a picture book and then adapted into a screenplay.  This script went on to become the recipient of the 1st annual Mandela Day/Tribeca All Access Award and was ultimately produced as the animated short film entitled Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks.

Rene has participated in such programs as the Guy Hanks/Marvin Miller (Cosby) Screenwriting Program; Tribeca All Access Connects; the Producers Guild Association Diversity Workshop; Film Independent’s Project: Involve; and the Nickelodeon/ABFF Writer’s Workshop.

In addition to writing, Rene absolutely enjoys teaching screenwriting.  She has traveled throughout the United States as an instructor with the Organization of Black Screenwriters, and as a guest speaker for the Artistry in Motion Seminar, she taught a group of over sixty kids the art of writing for animation.


For more information: http://www.suleseries.com


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