Susan Lynn Wardlow Excellence in Child Development

COARSEGOLD, CALIFORNIA, Susan Lynn Wardlow, MA, Professional Educator, Teacher and Instructor in Fresno and Madera County, has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in child development and educational services.


Ms. Wardlow has maintained a long standing interest in advocating for children by earning certifications and completing diversity and susan lynnautism studies to provide childcare for children with diverse and special needs in the State of California, as the need for these services is increasing rapidly. Ms. Wardlow has had the opportunity to work with a national corporation leader in child development for two years and worked in a global caregiver business for five years, where she obtained certification in Alzheimer’s disease. By utilizing her past education and experience, she has reached professional success, and through continuing education, a dedication and passion for her work, she has been able to accomplish her goals and ambitions to advocate for children.


Ms. Wardlow specializes in elementary remedial reading, and child development, and she teaches kindergarten, elementary, intermediate and adult students. She supervises community college laboratory students majoring in child development, after-school


elementary students, senior, elder, veteran, and Alzheimer’s clients, as well. Additionally, she has volunteered at a local community church, two Head Start programs in Madera County, Head Start Pre-Kindergarten, and state community college child development center.


Ms. Wardlow volunteered to save a California historic house known as the Cole Ranch, once owned and occupied by one of Loma Linda’s pioneer families. A museum and community center are planned for the 6.6 acre site. The Cole House, built in 1896, will be occupied by a Realtor who will bring it up to code at a cost of $800,000. The original orange grove property will be rezoned from agricultural status to become a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospital, and will make use of the original water transport for farm irrigation. Another historic building, the Curtis-Fisk House, is thought to have been used as a location site for a movie featuring Richard Nixon. Both homes are located at the Loma Linda Heritage Park in Southern California.


After reading her mother’s personal recollection of the Cole House, a recent oral history has revealed that the home was three stories in Queen Anne, Colonial Revival style. Due to the 2010 census, a large number of preschool-age families were identified as living near three public school areas served by Madera County. In a collaborative effort with Head Start, Madera County successfully launched First 5 in the Yosemite Unified School District. This pre-kindergarten and family literacy program is in its third year. Ms. Wardlow was asked to sign Governor Brown’s Initiative, ‘Measure to Protect Our Schools,’ that will set up a separate fund for grades kindergarten through 12 and community colleges. The governor’s proposition became first on the ballot and was passed along with another early education proposal. She corresponded with 19th District California congressman Jeff Denham on The Keystone Pipeline Project in December 2011. On June 29, 2012, the House voted on the Conference Report on H.R. 4348, a bipartisan agreement with the U.S Senate that stopped student loan rates from doubling in July 2012.


Undergraduate Subsidized Stafford Loans would have increased from 3.4 to 6.8 percent prior to the passage of H.R. 4348. In Ms. Wardlow’s role as an advocate before the California Transportation Commission, she was successful in obtaining buses for disabled and community college students of Madera County. The program was first implemented on a trial basis in 2010 and continues as a permanent service in 2013. She brought the Fresno Public Library Manzanar CA WWII Japanese Internment Camp Project to Madera County in the fall of 2012. In January 2013, Ms. Wardlow was invited to the first online tax filing class along with other nationalities at the Fresno free library located downtown. As a student she was able to witness the relocation of computer availability from the second floor to the first (next to the handicapped ramp entrance) along with straight-backed seating vs. office recliners. She was instrumental in procuring for this transition.


She attributes her success to her commitment, dedication, and desire to grow and continue learning in the area of child development, specifically concentrating on training in the areas of day care teachers, after-school programs, and pediatric health and safety. She became involved in her profession because she has maintained a genuine interest in working with and educating children as a volunteer, teacher’s aide in college, and substitute teacher in Colorado. The highlight of her career was being affiliated with 15 pre-kindergarten and preschools: three in Colorado and 12 in
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California; this led to her receiving a Riverside County award to pursue education in child development and her NAEYC, CAAEYC and Arrowhead AEYC membership in 2002. Other highlights include being named Professional Educator of the Year by Cambridge Who’s Who in 2010, Elite American Educator as well as Outstanding Educator of the Year in 2013 by Worldwide Who’s Who, honors that were based on these earlier experiences.


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