“The Dia Diaries” Interview with Veronica Kerzner


by Chandia Brennen


Milan, New York, London and Paris are the home to some of the greatest fashion presentations in the world…until now. Over the past few years, The Los Angeles fashion community has been working diligently for recognition amongst their prestigious contenders. Despite the fact that Los Angeles has various fashion week events, there is one that stands out above the rest.


Style Fashion Week was founded in March 2011 by Veronica Kerzner & Karim Atash. Style Fashion Week LA is the largest, most influential fashion event of the season. In fact, on March 5 a special certificate was given to Style Fashion Week at Los Angeles City Hall, declaring it the official fashion week of the city!


The Dia Diaries caught up with the founder of Style Fashion Week at The Continental for an opening ceremony event. The uber chic downtown location housed editors, designers and models that all buzzed excitedly about the week ahead.


Dia and Veronica -1TDD: Style Fashion Week has become the most popular event during fashion week, what inspired you to create Style Fashion Week?


VK: I was inspired to change the mentality of not only Los Angeles but the world’s perception of LA and Fashion. We are truly a powerful city with outstanding designers and manufacturers. My goal was simply to show who we are and what we had to offer.


TDD: Besides your stellar location at LA Live, what do you believe sets Style Fashion Week apart from the other fashion week events?


VK: Our amazing team! We have a very incredible team that truly understands events, marketing, PR and fashion. Let’s be honest, fashion shows can be lack luster, but we strive to put together an entire week of events that remain exciting. Overall, we want to create an unforgettable experience that will have people coming back for more.


Style Week 1TDD: What can we expect to see from Style Week this season?


VK: OH MY GOSH! This is our second season in the tents and the plans have gotten bigger and better. The Mayor is coming to the opening ceremony this season along with countless celebrities and designers from all over the world. We have Betsey Johnson showcasing this year, which is a huge deal and a big step for us. To have Betsey Johnson, who is so iconic in the fashion industry make the leap and showcase here in LA is really exciting. I know that in the future, others will follow.


TDD: With New York being known as the Style Capital, do you ever face opposition from others in the industry?


VK: All the time, there are even some people in Los Angeles that don’t support fashion week. When I introduced the idea, people would say that I was too young and that it could never happen since others failed in the past. I felt people needed something to be proud of. I knew if we provided the right platform that people would support, and they did.


TDD: Your business partner is the Co-Founder of Miami Fashion, would you ever consider partaking in shows in other cities/countries or are you in a committed relationship with LA?

Style Week 2-1


VK: I love Los Angeles! I always said that I wouldn’t leave until I realized how big the world really was. Recently we produced a closing night show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, which was monumental for us. We took the theatre at Mercedes Benz and brought in 11 designers to do a shared show with other designers from Dubai, Italy and the United States. It was the first time in history that they’ve done a show like that!


TDD: Style Week continues to evolve, what do you foresee for the future?


VK: Chicago is very much on our map next as well as Dubai and Shanghai. It’s an interesting time with a lot of people leaving New York because they no longer have the budget because it’s a tough time economically. We’re able to provide a solution for them to showcase their line, launch their brands and get international exposure. I think it’s a great thing for fashion, the community and the city overall.


Style Fashion Week is March 9th-13th at LA Live. Visit http://stylefashionweek.com/index.php for additional details.


CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years.


She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY.


Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury Extensions.


For more information on Chandia visit www.ItsGood2bDia.com





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