“The Dia Diaries” VFDE 2015 Catwalk Fashion Show

On October 29th at 7pm, The Dubai Mall welcomed guest from all over the world to the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2015, Catwalk Fashion Show. Opulent…is one word that would best describe the gorgeous event location, known as The Dubai Mall. Located in the heart of the prestigious Downtown Dubai, described as ‘The Centre of Now,’ is The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest and most-visited retail and entertainment destination, which welcomed more than 80 million visitors in 2014.

Excitement buzzed through the air and bounced off the walls as people anxiously gathered on every level of the mall to catch a glimpse of the sprawling runway and the front row guest.

Without a doubt, the staging was unlike anything we’d ever seen. The catwalk featured advanced LED lighting, which could most likely be seen from space. The innovative stage design captivated onlookers with its scrolling text features and luminosity.

Shortly after supermodel Carmen Kass emerged, like a mystical desert mirage, she floated closer toward center stage in a stunningly intricate gown to introduce the featured designers.

The first collection to appear was Melitta Baumeister from Germany. Known for innovative ways of using uncommon materials to create precisely tailored garments, designer Melitta Baumeister stirred the creative pot with designs that intrigued the audience. There is no denying that Melitta is a creative genius after witnessing graffiti sprayed on glossy vinyl in various sculptural shapes.

Up next was The Kayys from Qatar. Created by three sisters, the collection possessed a Middle Eastern influence with a modern yet glamorous twist. Enthusiastic gasp could be heard as dresses lined with crystals appeared on the catwalk, while women’s faces lit up in amazement.

L72 from the United Kingdom is a fascinating brand featuring innovative garments created in the most unique compositions. A sequin bodice layered with a pullover would sound farfetched but designer Lee Wood uses the unexpected to create extraordinary visuals. Initially the layered garments appeared like vibrant puzzle pieces splattered on the runway, but after taking a closer look, you realize that each piece connects to create a beautiful picture.

Saudi Designer Reem Al Kanhal’s latest collection “Window To The Soul” is undoubtedly created for the strong and independent women of the world. From skirts to dresses, from wide pants to tops, the collection is for women that are aware of their femininity and are willing to express it in an elegant yet simple way.

Another incredible collection shown was Studio 189 from Ghana. The label featured unique dying techniques in beautiful silhouettes. Comprised of quality denim, trench coats and airy fabrics that breezed down the runway; Studio 189 was undeniably the ultimate ready-to wear collection.

Despite the fact that Chinese designer Xiao Li is known as a “knit specialist”, she showed immense versatility throughout her latest collection. The stunning collection was comprised of printed graphics, sheer kimonos and stretch fabrics.

In the words of Miranda Presley, “Florals for spring…groundbreaking.” Typically florals are the most anticipated and predictable print for spring but Aussie designer, Arthur Arbesser shook and shattered the traditional floral archetype, and presented stunning silhouettes in vibrant burst of colors. We also loved the netted polo tops and the chic hosiery with heels…totally an A+ in our book.

From the moment the first few models appeared onto the stage, we wanted to scream “STOP, drop and roll” because the collection was on FIRE!!! Lebanese designer Krikor Jabotian completely stole our hearts with a collection that merged sophistication and glamour. Voluminous skirts with high-low hemlines, crystal and beaded tops, embroidered dresses…this is what dreams are made of. The intricacy of his designs and the quality of the fabrics place Krikor Jabotian in a league of his own.

Without a doubt, each and every designer brought something incredibly special to the Catwalk Fashion Show. We look forward to the continued evolution of their brands and the dynamic collections to come.

Written by: Chandia Brennen

CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury.


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