Time-lapse Photographer Captures Visual Rhythm of Los Angeles

Time-lapse Photographer Captures Visual Rhythm of Los Angeles

Colin Rich is no ordinary photographer and the work he creates offers a fresh perspective.  Rich says that it is very challenging to come up with an original shot in Los Angeles, so he keeps pushing in order to find those shots. 


His locations for shooting the city are many and varied.  For instance, he has set up his equipment amid warning signs on the Echo Park hillside where there is an incredible view of the Los Angeles downtown.  He has filmed from the top of a high rise downtown, hidden behind the Hollywood sign, sneaked past security guards, and even climbed precariously close to traffic at rush hour. 


Once he reaches his location, he sets up his equipment and spends about three hours taking a sequence of approximately 1000 images.  As the sun begins to set and the city lights emerge, he adjusts hic camera to make the most of his current location.  His goal is to capture the energy and flow of the city through time-lapse photography.


Once the images have been captured, Rich spends hours editing and speeding up the images to create patterns that the eye could not see any other way.  For instance, the way the light hits the buildings, clouds as they dance through the sky, planes as they circle the Los Angeles International Airport and cars that flow along the freeways in patterns that resemble blood flowing through human veins.


Rich and other time-lapse photographers around the world show how the appearance of a city can change from one hour to the next, how people move around in a city and how it functions.  They use the complexity of the city to show that it is a living organism.


Rich says there is no single way to define Los Angeles and its character.  He is constantly finding new combinations of light and movement from new vantage points.  You can’t truly observe the city going through it or around it at freeway speeds; he shows the world a different view of Los Angeles.


Photos Courtesy of LA Times


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