Top Five Must-Have Accessories This Winter

Seasons change, trends change, colors change.



This season, fill your closet with essentials that are winter color appropriate. That way, you’re keeping up with the trends and colors all at the same time! According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report, the three popular colors this season ranges from Oak Buff to Cashmere Rose to Dried Herb.


It’s time to integrate new color into your outfits. When you think Oak Buff, don’t think yellow, think of a warm yellow-beige tone that brings a pop of color to your wardrobe. Think military and camouflage green—that’s exactly what Dried Herb is. Who says a girl can’t rock a deep and organic shade? Dried Herb is an earthy shade that will tone down your outfits and give you that sophisticated look. As far as Cashmere Rose goes, think of gentle shade of pink that appears very upscale and elegant.

Its winter and you need to know what colors are popular in the fashion world right now. What are the best colors for your bags and scarves? Well we’ve done the research for you girls so just sit back while we list out the top five must-have accessories that correlate with the season’s colors!



Layering is essential for this season, but who says it only has to be layering on clothing? Nope! Why not accessorize and layer different jewelry pieces? Necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Jewelry can be the perfect cherry on top of your entire outfit. Just by adding a statement necklace to a simple outfit can transition a casual outfit to something more formal and dressy. Especially with the winter colors, you have subtle tones that can still make a statement for all your outfits. Layering your outfits with a chunky necklace or a flashy bracelet will definitely grab people’s attention.



Photo (left to right): Chloé Handbag, Burberry Handbag, Chanel Handbag

A girl’s EVERYDAY must-have right? But for this season, there are certain colored bags to make your outfit scream “winter” and “Trendy”. What better to tone down your outfits with an army green bag that’s sophisticated and chic? Go with the dried herb bag, it will definitely bring a winter feel to your outfits. The nature-y color will definitely reflect off of the season. The pop of pink is what can be worn during a casual winter day. Soft hue of pink is fun and feminine all in one. Choose a cashmere rose-colored bag to bring a bit of richness to your outfit. You want elegance and chic? Try a warm yellow-beige colored bag that will bring comfort and good feelings to your wardrobe. The bright but subtle hue will definitely reflect off the season’s mellow tone. A girl’s bag does say a lot about her, so make sure she has the right one to use throughout the season!



The weather is cool and breezy, you know what that means—scarves around your necks, girls! Kim Kardashian is constantly keeping her neck cozy. Keep yourselves cozy and warm on your upper half. What better way than to have a scarf wrapped around your neck? From designers to local shops at the mall, scarves are the perfect accessory for this season because it provides versatility and warmth! Scarves will always be an essential to your winter collection. But this season, make sure you have the right colored scarves, girls because that is key. Use an oak buff colored scarf to keep your neutral colors in place. If you want a pop of color, definitely go with the cashmere rose to achieve a girly and chic look. The dried herb color is the laidback color that will bring your outfit together. Scarves can serve as a bold statement with its array of patterns or simply sweet with its solid colors. Either way, it is a girl’s must-have this season!




Photo (left to right): Beanie from Free People, Felted Hat from Free People, Banded Hat from Free People

You have everything you need in your closet to keep you warm in this cool winter weather. But you know what you’re missing? Something to keep your head warm and stylish—a hat. Ranging from beanies to fedoras, keep your closet trendy and color-coordinated with this season’s colors. A slouchy beanie is perfect for a cloudy day—definitely a must-have. Go for a dried herb color to neutralize your outfit. Winter weather doesn’t necessarily mean no sun and constant rain—the sun can still be beaming, and girl you can still rock a fedora. Choose a felted fedora in a rosy color to keep things girly and balanced. If you don’t want to go for the one color style, try a banded-hat with two correlating colors. Hats are a good complement to your outfit and definitely suit the season!




Photo (left to right): Ankle Booties from Sam Edelman,

Thigh-High Boots from Gianvito Rossi, Lace-Up Suede Heels from TopShop


Shoes, shoes, shoes—a girl’s best friend. Keep up with the season’s colors by adding the vibrant and subtle colors to your closet! Boots are in but that doesn’t necessarily mean your toes must be completely covered. Girls, you can still wear the sandals and the heels. Rock this season with some ankle booties and skinny jeans. Oak buff colored booties would fit perfectly well for a casual day out. Out for the night and want to look good? Thigh-high boots are the next best things. Sexy and flattering, especially when you have a pair of soft pink ones. Just because it’s winter does not mean your sandals and heels have to be put away. Lace-up shoes are popular this season and on top of that, if they correlate with the season’s colors? It’s a win-win, don’t you think? Lace-up sandals suit well for any occasions. Dress it up and dress it down, either way, you will look stunning!

There you have it! We’ve shared with you our list of top five essential accessories. Now go stock up for the season and keep up with the latest trends!

By: The Dia Diaries Fashion Contributor, Tiffany Tran

chandia feature a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury.


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