“Uploaded” Reviewed by Rose Desena

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Review by Rose Desena

Sometimes we find ourselves in the oddest places, doing the damnedest things…


Daniel (Jeff lorch) is doing nothing with his life, aside from living off daddy and searching for something better. His buddy Sam (Eric Odom) has built a nice little business as the local drug pusher, and he has a creative knack for mixing drug cocktails. After arriving at Daniel’s place and witnessing his friend’s reaction to the newly delivered news that his meal ticket is about to expire, Sam tries to cheer him up with a mercy snort. Before you know it, the concoction sets both of them off on a new quest, finding their “religion.” It is a wild and entertaining ride for audiences who can’t help but submit to following the foibles of these charismatic characters, substantiating the depth of commitment from these skilled actors.


As the drug-induced episode continues, the two mismatched souls on the edge experience some startling revelations and decide to hone their skills in the nuances of Entrepreneurship. Now this wouldn’t be half as much fun if it didn’t have a women’s touch, so L.R. Gordon (playwright) adds Anikka (Suzanne Quast) to the mix. A pretty little thing born with a star over her head and a wealthy pop that indulges her in every silly short-lived whim. Yes, they are a special threesome! However, nothing in the world of theater is that simple, and this well-written script is much deeper than it appears. The title “Uploaded” is a metaphor, used throughout the play as a concept that wouldn’t make any sense to those of us who are normal, but Gordon uses the word more as a point to prove “absurdity.” It works.


This 75-minute production is full of HIGH energy as these two men spar back and forth with quick and snappy dialog, interrupted at times by banter from the sexy Anikka. Jeff Lorch had me thoroughly convinced that he was smashed out of his mind. As a matter of fact, he was so real I was beginning to feel like I was the one wasted. Suzanne Quast is pleasingly annoying as her character should be. I was so tempted to jump on the stage and yell, sister get real.


Nicely directed by Mark L. Taylor, the cast moves assuredly around a stage set that they have inherited from the currently running world premiere of “Nice Things by Vince Melocchi (running at 8pm Fri & Sat, 3pm on Sun). An excellent job by all makes this a reliable show to add to your list of theatre to see in Los Angeles.


Uploaded is part of the Off-The–Clock series from our friends at the Rouge Machine. Jennifer Pollono, a dedicated Rouge Machine member, is the producer of this fun series, designed to allow new writers a chance to show their work. Pollono does a good job of finding compelling and interesting scripts. “Uploaded” is very much in keeping with the Rogue Machine style. The show runs at 10 pm on Friday, and Saturday nights so you can catch it after dinner, or if you are like the guys in the play, you could stop by before you go clubbing.



Written by: L.R. Gordon

Directed by: Mark L. Taylor

Rouge Machine Theater

5041 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles Ca. 90019

Reservations 855 585 5185, http://www.roguemachinetheatre.com/


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  1. What a fantastic review – really well written. I gotta see this show.

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