Walking the Tightrope Review by Rose Desena


Walking the Tightrope

Review by Rose Desena

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I am normally skeptical of anything that is described as magical, but this play is truly magical. This play should take a copyright out on the word magical.  “Walking the Tightrope” is the type of play that can make a theater junkie out of any child or uninitiated adult.


The veteran cast, the creative stage design, and the perfect lighting project a glow on a lyrical story that creates a bitter sweet story of love and loss.


Walking the Tightrope_2

A young girl, Esme (Page Lindsey White), always spends the summer holidays at the English seaside with her Granddad Stan and her Grandma Queenie. She loves swimming in the ocean and eating grandma’s bread and butter pudding. Going to the arcade and falling asleep to Grandma’s wonderful bedtime stories that are so dear to her. She looks forward to her summers.


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However, this summer is different. When Esme gets off the train, something is wrong.  “Where is Grandma?” she asks concerned.  Granddad Stan (Mark Bramhall) dismisses the question, putting off the enviable.


Walking the Tightrope_7

Esme is forced to try and understand the absence of her grandmother. Stan tries effortlessly to convince her that Grandma has joined the circus, but Esme is confused and in her heart fears the truth.  Grandma, a silent ghost presented to the audience as a clown (Tony Duran), has a powerful stage presence.  He mystically prances around the stage giving spiritual guidance to Esma.


Both Duran and White are exquisite as they move us through this emotionally, touching story of two people coming to terms with the absence of a strong figure in both of their lives. Mark Bramhall has such an impact you can feel his emotions with every word he speaks.


Words cannot do this story justice. Mike Kenny’s (playwright) creative Imagination will rock your soul.


“Walking the Tightrope” is a beautiful piece of art.


Thanks to Jay McAdams (Executive Director) for his commitment to family theater. He picked a delightful winner that the whole family can enjoy. Jay is a great host and makes everyone feel welcome to this lovely theater.   Also they had great homemade tamales in the snack bar. They were yummy. Life is good!


Walking the Tightrope

Written by Mike Kenny

Directed by Debbie Devine

Cast: Mark Bramhall, Tony Duran, Michael Redfield, Paige Lindsey White

24th Street Theater, 1117 West 24th Street, Los Angeles Ca. 90007

Runs through March 30th on Saturdays 2pm and 730 check site for more details.


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