“Who Are You Sitting Next To?” Review by Peggy Freeman

Who Are You Sitting Next To?

Presented by Solid as a Rock Production


By Peggy Freeman

Who Are You Sitting Next To is a colorful musical presented by Solid as a Rock Production, the last week end in October for a limited time only.  The sneak preview debuted at the Torrance playhouse but will no doubt be one of many productions from the talented actress and writer, Simone Wilson.  Seeing the need to educate underprivileged children, Ms. Wilson produced the play in the past and donated the proceeds to the Red Hill School in Cape Town South Africa.  She told me she had no reservation about the play’s sassy content because she was given the script directly from God.

In Who Are You Sitting Next To, the secret lives of Christians are revealed in a musical comedy that takes place at the Watch Fight and Pray Church.  Talented Pastor, Jermaine Fox who resembles Kirk Franklin sings, dances and preaches to a congregation of “holier than thou” men and women who have secrets.


Mr. and Mrs. Tripp, played by Lamik Blake and Chloe Emanuel are the married couples’ church leaders by day and mate swopping swingers by night.  First lady Cassandra Relynn pretends to be saintly but the truth is she is cheating on the reverend.


She and praying saint, Carlin Smith are quick to judge new member, Kim Nance who has five children and no husband.  However they are wrong about Kim, she is a good mother and divorced due to no fault of her own.  Deacon Edward Morton is exposed when a liquor flask falls out of his Bible at church.  The beautiful Yvonne Senat catches the eye of all the men, especially the handsome church doorkeeper, John Jackson and bachelor, Sulo Williams; but she is attracted to a woman, Rhonda Dunwood.  Beautiful soloist Wendy Renee is cunning and she will say whatever she has to say to get some gambling money.  To make matters worse, trusted church trustee Rory Darvel wipes out the church’s bank account and goes to Bermuda.   Ironically well known party girl, La Tisha Sturges seems to be the most transparent, successful and Godly of the bunch.


What seems to be a hypocritical church turns out to be just what God orchestrates when they reveal their shortcomings before one another.  Revelation allows them to resolve their issues and get back on the right path.  Who Are You Sitting Next To is a funny, witty and an insightful musical that reveals ordinary Christians are people too.  Yet walking in righteousness is better than talking about it.


The talented As Iz Band played a number of R & B and gospel toe tapping, hand clapping tunes with back-up singers Marla and Michelle Jenkins and Valerie Thompson of Harmony in this dynamic play.


Director – Edward Morton

Audio Director – Anatloe Baptiste

Script Supervisor – La Tosha Harden


Comedian – L.A. Hardy

Host – Avi Bernard of KJLH

Flyers – Thomas Photography




For more information about upcoming plays or events and to purchase the DVD, e-mail: ssoniwilson@gmailcom.


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