Bevin Kurian - (Foreign Affairs) contributor for the Los Angeles Post, with an emphasis on the Middle East. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Government and International Relations. Visit Bevin Kurian’s official website to read more of his views and analysis on Current Affairs and Human Rights. Follow him @BevinKurian on Twitter to receive other updates.




Gina-Marie Cheeseman (Editorial) - Gina-Marie Cheeseman is a freelance writer/journalist armed with a degree in journalism, and a passion for social justice.



HeatherMartin1--head shotHeather Martin is a dynamic professional with a passion for helping businesses improve their performance and results. She is also a freelance writer and creator of Crush the Box productions. She has a degree in Economics from CSUN and a Masters in Business Administration from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has a passion for writing about the intersection of business, economics and politics.



Isha Edwards (Social Networking) - an idea catalyst for individuals and organizations across 12 industries including music, media, fashion, film, academia, professional services, nonprofit, and small business administration. Through EPiC Measures, Isha provides brand-driven marketing consulting and business development services.



Jaclyn Holtzman (Health, Economy) - Jaclyn Holtzman is fresh out of college from a Big Ten University. She recently relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago to pursue acting. Along with entertainment, Jaclyn has a passion for healthy-living and writing. She authors a blog, which can be found at It features healthy recipes which she has tackled, everyday adventures and health tips. Follow her on twitter @thejaxoflife.



Jared Skye -(Photojournalist) - writes primarily about politics and the environment. He attended college for environmental science and was a research biologist for years before he began writing.



 Jerome Cleary (Opinion / Editorial) -Jerome Cleary is originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey and NYU alum. Featured regularly at LA’s top comedy clubs: The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and The Ice House. Credits: Melrose Place, The Howard Stern Show, and National Lampoon and The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Jerome’s show: “Funny Fridays” at The Comedy Store received 3 top comedy awards: “BEST BETS” from AOL City Guide, “Pick of the Week” from Entertainment Today and a “Comedy Critics Choice” from LA City Beat. He has been featured newspaper columnist with over 150 columns.


Jerry Jacobsen is a media and entertainment executive who has headed strategic operations within corporate communications, business development and diversemarket initiatives. At various roles within the Fox Group and Times Mirror/LosAngeles Times, Mr. Jacobsen has worked with some of the most popular and successful brands around the globe, including FOX Broadcasting (AMERICAN IDOL, HOUSE, 24, GLEE), 20th Century Fox Film and Television (AVATAR, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, MODERN FAMILY) HarperCollins Publishing, New York Post, Newsday and Dow Jones, among others.


Jeremy Lunt / Alexandra Hughes - (Comics)

The Adventures Of Pongo And Alexandra




Krischa Esquivel-Woods (Education) - a mother of 2 young children, a professional in the field of early education for over 13 years, an active member and choreographer with her church dance ministry, is active in changing the status quo of  single mothers and in the way minorities use and view money.  Krischa was also a consultant in the writing of the book, “Brass Knuckle Finance.” Currently a presenter for the Brass Knuckle Finance courses and has been a guest on the blog talk radio show, Sunday Morning Live.


Malik Ayub Sumbal is the South Asian Bureau Chief at The Los Angeles Post, a senior investigative journalist with more than 9 years of working experience with prestigious national and international newspapers and magazines. He is a conflict expert and opinion writer on terrorism and other world issues.





Originally from Korea, Michelle Yoon is a freelance writer/editor based in the LA area.  Her interests include personal finance, travel, food, and fashion.  She hopes to see all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments around the world.  So far, she’s seen two.




Peggy Freeman is an Inventor, Journalist, Creative Writer, Publisher and CEO of Write Now Publishing Company.  She is currently writing two books, Adding Super to your Natural and Business Minded.




R.S.  Bailey - (Entertainment) has written, produced, directed, and acted in theatre, film, TV, and  radio.  He’s worked in laboratories,  catalogued libraries, produced and edited feature films, traveled throughout the  U.S. and Europe while winning several press awards as an actor and  director.   He was invited by Samuel Beckett to  work with him at the West Berlin Academy of Art and is the former Exec. Producer and News  Director of the Deaf Broadcast Network.



Comedian Tracey MacDonald graduated with a Degree in Sociology/Mass Media from Saint Francis Xavier University. She is originally from Canada and has been writing and performing stand up comedy for over ten years. Tracey was the first Canadian to win on CBS’s NEW Star Search, which included a hundred thousand dollar development deal. She has been living and working in Hollywood for ten years. Her Hollywood gossip blog gained popularity and she has worked with and written for some of the best comedians in the business. Tracey is excited to be a part of the Los Angeles Post team.



Vance C. McDaniel owner of TRUE FITNESS IMAGE has been a personal trainer in Los Angeles for 12 years. At one time in his life he went from “track running football playing phenom’ to a 370 pound couch potato. His journey back to fit was an interesting an enlightening one with very little guidance and knowledge. He now has a great career in the fitness world. He has won several divisions in body building and has a national victory.



Yvonne M. Glasgow Ph. D (Health) - Yvonne M. Glasgow is a full-time freelance writer and published bookauthor. She holds a Ph. D in Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching degree, and she is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in both Health & Wellness and Early Childhood Development. More information on Yvonne’s published works can be found at  and life coaching  at