Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a green thumb, and many would-be gardeners give up on the prospect of tending their land because they simply don’t know how to do it and gardening seems too complicated. Luckily, thanks to technology, having a gardening guru in your pocket has become a reality. Others may be skilled in growing and landscaping, but could use more organization and time. It can be frustrating to have to leaf through several books to remind yourself when to plant and harvest each crop. Thankfully, there are iPhone apps that can store all of this information in one place. Whether you are a gardening expert or someone who is just starting out trying to grow a few plants, there is an app for you to help you both learn and enjoy gardening.


  • Garden Pro- Garden Pro helps you to remember all the tasks you have to do for each plant in your garden. It allows you to upload pictures so you can see how much your plants have grown and changed over time. It has a quick reference guide to access the information you need to care for your garden quickly while you are out there working. There is also a complete pest and disease guide included in the app to help garden lovers treat most common problems. Price: $3.99.


  • Garden Compass/ Disease Identifier- This app has a really handy feature: if you are not sure what is growing, you can take a picture of it and the app will identify it for you. It will also recognize problems with the plant and give you recommendations for fixing it. Price: Free


  • Garden Bugs- Garden Bugs is an app that helps you figure out what insects are destroying your plants and how to keep them away. You can even buy the pest control needed from within the app. It also identifies common diseases. Price: $0.99


  • Garden Time Planner- This app was developed by Burpee, a leader in garden supplies. It lets you know when to sow, transplant and harvest your vegetables and herbs. It also keeps track of the weather in your area and tips are personalized accordingly. This app even has a database full of plants and how-to videos. Price: Free


  • Organic Gardening- This guide will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about gardening and will have you up and running in no time. The guide is easy to read and makes organic gardening simple, even for the beginner. It will have your flowers blooming and your vegetables sprouting perfectly, the natural way. Price: $0.99


  • Gardening Toolkit- This app will let you know, according to your location, the best times to plant and harvest and when the frosts are likely to occur. It also lets you know which plants will grow best in your area. Once you know what to plant and when, it will guide you through the process and keep to-do lists for you so you never fall behind in your work. It even has a built in encyclopedia with over a thousand plants. Price: $1.99


  • Vegetable Garden Calculator- With this app you will never wind up with too many or too few vegetables again. This app tells you exactly how much to plant in order to feed your family. Price: Free


  • A Garden Life- A Garden Life is a magazine app with articles from professional gardeners who write about everything from creating meaningful garden spaces to food and health. This app will allow you to appreciate gardening as a lifestyle and to fully enjoy the experience of nourishing life. Just ask its many readers, who have given it rave reviews. Price: Free


  • Vegetable Tree- This app will give you everything you need to know about vegetable gardening in one place. It has pictures, times for planting and harvesting, seed depth and temperature information and much more. Additionally, you can share notes on Facebook and Twitter, use the “Plant Now” feature to find which plants you can start with based on the date and location and access their huge catalog. Price: $1.99


  • Landscaper’s Companion- Landscaper’s companion is the most comprehensive plant reference for the iPhone. This guide covers over 26,000 plants, including trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. It has an excellent search feature, and once you find the plant you are looking for, it will tell you everything you need to know about it from growth rate to deer resistance. It also has a Pro-Version that allows you to add your own plants and photos and to keep track of current projects. Price: $6.99


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