Get Ready for Halloween with Naomi & The Dia Diaries!

What better way to teach you how to achieve fun and glam looks for Halloween than to get the run through by a real makeup artist?!

Distinct sounds of hair dryers and the lingering smell of various hair products—the Jim Wayne Salon located in Beverly Hills consists of stylists, colorists, and even a makeup artist, Naomi Szloboda. Working there for a few years now, Naomi constantly have clients coming in for their regular haircuts and styling. Aside from hair, she also does makeup.

We got the opportunity to interview Naomi and watch her work her Halloween makeup magic. She demonstrated three different looks—from the well-known “Day of the Dead Skull” to the “Bride of Frankenstein” and even to “Wildlife Deer”. The Makeup Forever Flash Palette, the intense contouring, the dark lip—Naomi definitely added her own style to each one of these looks.

TDD: How long have you been a makeup artist?
Naomi: I’ve been an artist for about three years now. I studied makeup in school for about a year and freelancing about two years.

TDD: What makeup products do you usually use for your Halloween looks?
Naomi: I use the Makeup Forever Flash Palette because it is my go-to. I can get the most versatile looks out of it and it works well with everybody.

TDD: What inspires the various looks you create for Halloween?
Naomi: I get inspired by people’s ideas actually—when they come to me and say “this is what I want and I’m going for a theme that looks like this” and they trust me to put my own spin on it.

TDD: How long does it usually take for you to plan and execute a Halloween look?
Naomi: Anything from a couple weeks to a couple minutes. It all depends on the intensity of the project. I love throwing together quick glam looks for Halloween so it varies. Definitely depends on the makeup looks—some can be done in 10 to 15 minutes and some can take up to an hour. The Bride of Frankenstein look you will be seeing really takes only about 15 minutes. It’s a really fun look to wear out. Whereas, The Day of the Dead Skull look takes a little longer because you’re working with more intricate lining and designs. So in order to achieve that look, take the time to do it.

TDD: What are some of the special techniques you use to apply Halloween makeup? Such as contouring a certain way or how to apply eyeshadows?
Naomi: Same rules of beauty makeup applies. You just get to have more fun with the colors because everything is more intense. The amount of the application is more excessive and you can really play with it if you want. You can be a bit more extreme with it because you can use brighter colors, you can use more intense makeup but still following the same rules. I find that you can still use everyday makeup such as everyday eyeliner but with different colors, you can create different line works.

TDD: Are you going to create your own makeup look for this Halloween? If so, what will you be?
Naomi: I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to be for this Halloween. But last year, I was a ring leader and I did a pretty evil clown makeup and didn’t sit very well with people who are afraid of clowns.

Last minute Halloween looks and costumes can be a pain sometimes when you have no idea what you want to be. Well thankfully, from the help of Naomi and us, you can choose from the three looks we have set and ready for you to learn! They’re quick, easy, and fun to do. Get your ready makeup essentials ready, girls, and watch the step-by-step makeup tutorials Naomi guides us through in the video below!

CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury.


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