Heymoonshaker at The Viper Room, March 18th

AT SXSW 2014
The critically-acclaimed British duo, Heymoonshaker, is set to make their US debut at SXSW alongside performances in New York, LA and Canada.
The very unique, original and quite unusual band that captured Europe will be crossing the Atlantic this March to perform at South By South West, the epic annual music festival in Austin, TX, Saturday, March 16 at BD Riley’shttp://schedule.sxsw.com/2014/events/event_MS25591


With around a total of 8.5 million youtube views, Heymoonshaker are moving quickly toward their goal – lighting up stages all over the world with a genre of music that is unheard of.  A quite special combination these two have. A dirty blues rocker on one side and a talented beatboxer on the other side.


Heymoonshaker are an unlikely pairing of two art forms that are decades apart. The fusion of Andy Balcon’s raw heavy guitar tones against the expressive and heart-pounding sound of Dave Crowe’s beatboxing explodes in front of the crowd.  Both talents are hugely impressive but are truly melded together by the indescribable chemistry these two have on stage.  The real hidden talent behind the duo lies in Andy’s surprisingly soulful and husky vocals and Crowe’s ability to bring the crowd under his control and command it with ease.


Meeting as street performers in New Zealand in 2009, Andy and Dave began fusing their interests in the blues and electronic bass music in front of the passing crowds of the south island.  .  After separating to take different travelling routes, the boys re-met back in the Northern hemisphere in Sweden where they began taking their jams to the stage.  As their show developed and their touring routes became more extensive, so too did their sound mixing features from heavy rock & roll, roots music and dubstep.  But their love and appreciation for the blues is something that stays true throughout their writing and the driving force behind their music


Taking huge inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Muddy Waters, Heymoonshaker’s big riffs, loud rhythms and howling vocals have impressed in small intimate basement venues to festival main stages.


Last year alone, the Duo have supported De La Soul and popular French band Tryo, have played at a multitude of European festivals and even featured in Rolling Stones magazine,describing their performance as a well balanced mix of smiles, verbal sparring and an impressive performance convey deep emotions. Dazzling!”  



In March 2013 Heymoonshaker released their first EP ‘Shakerism’.  This extended 8 track EP contains songs from previous recordings and recent unreleased material, compiled to illustrate the journey of the band’s ever growing sound (http://bit.ly/17vmZdv).


In October 2013 the band re-released the EP as ‘Shakerism (Definitive Edition)’ to include the track “Colly Drop” from their recent gritty film-noire music video and a solo beatbox piece recorded late last year.


The band’s second EP is expected to be released Spring 2014.
As the Shaker fan base grows rapidly, Andy & Crowe are continuously re-affirming to the music industry that there are still novel and unique ways of creating music and live performance is very much at the heart of musical expression.



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