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Without a doubt reality television has infiltrated households all across the world. Whether it’s your guilty pleasure or hidden addiction, its become a universal indulgence. In the past, shows only provided a glimpse into the lives of provocative characters with erratic behavior and a hunger for fame. In recent years with entrepreneurship on the rise, audiences have become intrigued by prominent and business savvy individuals, simply living their lives. Bravo’s popular hit show Married to Medicine illustrates just that. The series chronicles the lives of seven women in Atlanta’s medical community, with three of the women being doctors themselves while the others are doctors’ wives. It showcases the group balancing their social circles, careers, and families.

The Dia Diaries had an opportunity to interview a standout star from the show, Dr. Heavenly Kimes. A leading Atlanta dentist, author, inspirational speaker, business powerhouse and relationship expert. Here’s what she had to say…

TDD: Women are often made to believe that they can’t “have it all”, how do you balance a successful career, marriage and motherhood?
Of course, we have our priorities and the things that are most important in our lives, but for me, it has always been God first, family, and then my career. I do believe you can have it all …you might simply have to decide which parts you want right now.
TDD: Although you’ve achieved success in reality television, you continue to service dental clients. What makes you passionate about dentistry?
Well, I love dentistry because I believe it’s my contribution to society. I love to make people smile and I believe that it changes their lives.
TDD: Outside of solidifying yourself in the dental industry, what inspired you to become a relationship expert? 
I always wanted to be the best wife, mother and friend I could be. I initially started taking courses to help me with my own relationship. I have a radio show where I started discussing business, however people kept asking me relationship questions, which is why I got my certification as a relationship coach. I’ve helped many with their relationships, so I take it very seriously. I firmly believe that you can have all the success in the world, but without someone to share it with, it means like nothing.

TDD: What is the biggest issue that you believe plagues relationships? 
I think the biggest issue in relationships are the roles as husband and wife. I think those rolls are different for different people, based on their culture or upbringing. I think they need to be defined before marriage.
TDD: Outside of couples, you also created a dating app called Piq Dating. Tell us about the app and why you believe it’s a good option for singles seeking companionship? 
This app is a bit different…it’s not a “hook up” site, it’s an app for people looking for a meaningful relationship. On my app you get to communicate with a person BEFORE you actually see them, we believe it’s easier to ask those important deal breaker questions from the very beginning.

TDD: Speaking of love, you’ve been married for over 20 years. What do you believe contributed to the success of your marriage? 
Honestly, I would have to say communication, humility, and maturity. I don’t want to be right all the time…I’d rather be happy all the time. I think you have to take it one day at a time and know you’ve made a commitment before God. When the difficult times come, which they will, you can’t give up. You must pray together and know that there will be ups and downs.

TDD: Do you have any important mantra’s or practices that you incorporate into your marriage? 
Yes! I do believe in praying together. For me, prayer is a type of meditation where we center ourselves and communicate. When God is in your marriage, you have a solid foundation. I believe the only way for it to be successful is to keep God at the head of your relationship.  
TDD: You’re embarking on your fifth season of “Married to Medicine”, what have you learned most about yourself through your journey in reality television? 
I think everyone should be able to see themselves on TV!  With continuous personal growth, I think it’s important to see yourself and how you interact with your spouse and others. This self-reflection will help you tremendously. It allows you to see the good and the bad in yourself, so you can make positive changes.

TDD: Reality television provides the public a window into your life, how do you keep certain aspects private while still providing transparency? 
You don’t keep anything private! I’ve signed up for people to see how I live and how my family and I interact. I think the benefit is helping others see that we all go through the same types of issues. On our show in particular, we are all married, educated and successful. I think it’s important for young people to see if I can do it, so can they. People are people and everyone is human with human emotions.
TDD: What can we expect to see this season on the show? 
I think this show was heavy and very emotional. Each marriage is different and has its own set of serious issues. To describe this season with one word, I would have to say… explosive. Of course, I keep it funny but we also have plenty of drama! This is the most thought-provoking season of Marred to Medicine yet!
The new season of Married to Medicine airs Sunday’s on Bravo at 10/9c.

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