Isola Marras Spring/ Summer 2016 Review

Just by the name of the second line Antonio Marras, you already have an idea of what type of women he is designing for. I’M the acronym of Isola Marras, comes from the place where the designer was born, Sardinia, Italy.

On September 24th, Marras had his Spring/Summer 16 runway collection in a venue that gave you the impression of being in an isolated island. As you walked in, there was a rectangle space filled with sand. We were at shore as some surfboards, rocks, and a guitar were placed on the sand as well as what seemed to be a dj booth and some microphones. We could tell immediately that it was a show that would transport us to a beach party somewhere in the world.

As Antonio Marras mentioned to us, the spirit of the collection is very much inspired by Hawaiian prints and about this group, or as written in their small pamphlet, this crew, from California going around some specific Islands of Sardinia, such as Santa Cruz, Prismo Beach and Isola Rossa. But also surf in Malibu and San Diego. The first look of the show was a sleeveless printed suit, the print seemed to be the “Oiseau du Paradis” flowers, but in a very faded color, since the suit was beige and the collar royal blue. After that a few denim pieces dominated the runway. Mini and maxi denim dresses and jumpsuits (a few embroidered) were seen. Some of them had leather colorful belts tied at the waist.

Another type of “island” print walked down the runway, but what made it different use of checkered print mixed with the floral print. The checkered were placed wisely at the waist and for the dresses that had sleeves or collars they were put there. It made a beautiful effect that didn’t distract from the print. The collection felt very sporty as lots of polo collars were part of the silhouette, as well as the use of cotton.
If you ever want to know how to wear color blocking while looking extremely elegant, this is the place to look. When the blue, yellow and red dress came out, our thought was “Now… this is how you do color blocking!” The dress fit like a glove and it might just be the colored cocktail dress that you were looking for. At the end of the shows a dozen models came out wearing one-piece bathing suit in different colors with pareos wrapped just below the waist. Some sat in the sand and others stood up next to the surfboards! It was the iconic moment of the presentation.
The Isola Marras girl this season is very laid back, goes with the waves and definitely knows how to throw a beach party.

Written by The Dia Diaries, Milan Fashion Contributor, Anne-Isabelle Saint-Pierre
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  1. I love the eyeliner that compliments the bright clothing!

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