Rape, Abortion and God’s Will

Rape, Abortion and God’s Will

I was livid when I heard the comments of Republican Richard Mourdock who is a candidate for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat. He was in a debate with Democrat Joe Donnelly and Libertarian Andrew Horning in New Albany, Ind., on Oct. 23, 2012. He was asked during the final minutes of the debate whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest. Mourdock said when a woman is impregnated during a rape, “it’s something God intended.”


As a woman who was raped at 16yrs of age by a Catholic priest, I am horrified that someone in this day and age would even conceive of such a thought that rape and the subsequent impregnation could be “something God intended”! In my case I feel Mourdock would be definitely convinced that this is “something God intended” being impregnated by a priest. But what of my subsequent pregnancy and the abortion that was arranged by the church? Huummm…the Catholic priest being God’s representative was perhaps then justified in this act. Sounds rather hypocritical and convenient to me.


Sounds like a woman’s rights to control her own body are up for legislative debate. Not if I can help it. Women need to take to the streets on this matter, and even more importantly show your disgust by your vote this election. I have started this blog and urge other women and men to join with me to keep a woman’s right to choose out of any politician’s proposition. Hold men accountable that feel they can rape a woman and walk away. Hold Churches and politicians accountable for teaching false interpretations of God, freedom and women’s rights to vibrate health and wellbeing.


We live in one of the greatest nations of the world. Perhaps we should start acting like it and not be like the Taliban who plot and attempt to assassinate girls like Malala Yousufzai. Malala is my hero. A 15-year-old Pakistani activist girl who was shot and wounded for speaking out against Taliban atrocities and advocating for girls’ education in her native Swat Valley.


Dare we step out and speak up, despite the odds. We have a right to control our own bodies. It’s our divine freedom to choose.
Denise Buchanan, PhDc



Denise Buchanan is a PhD candidate at Beurin University. She is writing a book, Sins of The Fathers. A true story of rape, abortion and deception in the Catholic Church, which will be completed in November, 2012. Denise can be contacted at [email protected] You can join the discussion on rape, abortion and god on her blog http://sinsofthefathers.org



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