Help Save Sarah Briana Burrows

                 Sarah Briana Burrows

                    Needs Our Help!


Sarah Briana Burrows is  a 22 year old in ICU dying from Diabetes complications and needs all of our help in finding the right medical professionals, answers and funding that can save her life. She is from Melbourne Florida and is in Palm Bay Community Hospital. WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME and she may die without our help.


PLEASE FORWARD THIS LETTER TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Reach out to her sister laying beside her right now and let them know that help is on the way and that we care and WILL do everything in our power to save her life. Charles Mattocks and our team are blessed with the ability to share her story with the world in the hopes of saving her life and allowing her to live her dream of helping other children with diabetes.



You can contact her sister immediately with answers that they desperately need help with.  Thank you and remember that there is no time to waste… and something you know may just save her life today. Let’s enter 2013 together… saving Bri’s life.

Below is the letter that her sister has asked us all to circulate….please send throughout ALL media outlets….and email her sister Corynne with any and all help and encouragement. Peace be with you all and may you all have a healthy and blessed New Year.

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From: Corynne Burrows, sister of Sarah Briana Burrows

“I am writing you this letter in hopes that it reaches you in time to save my sister’s life. As I type, I am sitting in an ICU hospital room, watching my younger sister fight a losing battle.”


Her name is Sarah Briana Burrows, and she was born 21 months after me. Since the day she arrived on this planet, she has been my everything. This wildly-curly haired, middle child was born on 5/11/1990; she is now 22 years old. She was born at 5 lbs. 11 oz., six weeks premature; she came into this world with health problems. At age 9, Briana was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and the ever-developing health battle got much worse. Briana always had a hard time managing her diabetes, and by the age of 15 had been in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) over twenty times. Statistics for diabetics in DKA result in 1 death out of every 20 instances. She has been on borrowed time for quite a while.


She ended up in the ICU again on Thanksgiving of this year. She came in with a total of 6 different blood infections, blood clots, kidney failure, and more. She is either allergic or immune to about 90% of the antibiotics the doctor’s can put her on, so the options were limited. She was lucky enough to survive the infections, the one blood infection has an extremely high mortality rate, and she was released from the hospital on Dec. 20. She was admitted again on Dec. 23, released again on Dec. 25, and then I brought her in once again last night, Dec. 29.


I am frightened that this will be the last miracle. If nothing changes, she knows how this will end. She is frightened, but feels helpless. In her eyes, either way this goes, she is incredibly sick, and probably will die, so she is choosing to not be miserable as possible. I cannot possibly believe that she was brought into this world only to be sick her entire life.


There has to be something more for her.

She is the most stubborn, hard-headed, persistent, and convincing person I have ever met- if anyone can beat this, it’s her. She just needs some restored faith.


I have exhausted all of my resources, and this is my only glimmer of hope that she
will survive. Time is running out and I need your help. Please.

On hands and knees begging,
One desperate older sister”

From: Corynne Burrows <[email protected]>



14 Responses to Help Save Sarah Briana Burrows

  1. I will keep this young brave lady in my prayers for a full recovery! May god bless you both and give you both the srtength to get through this!

  2. I lost my mother from a diabetic coma one year ago the 13 of this coming month. I know you pain. and will pray for a speedy recovery. My God Bless you both.

  3. I know Briana pursonally, we had some college courses together and I have known her since elementary school, she is just a delightful wonderful person, in school she had missed alot of classes and she told she gets sick alot but she never told me from what. This severe of a problem and she could still do fantastic school work and be so happy and funny and just a good person, I believe she deserves any kind of help that can be available. She is beautiful inside and out, and any help to my friend would be very much appreciated by her family, me, and our community in Brevard County. Thank you, God bless.

  4. Thank you so much for posting our story! It means the world to us. This will be a long road to recovery, but everyone’s positive messages have really lifted Briana’s spirits. This is such an incredible thing, we have really just been left speechless.

    I will continue to update the facebook page with her progress:

    and you can follow her progress on twitter by using the hashtag #SaveBri

  5. Corynne, My heart is speaking words I cannot formulate on the page. Always had so much love for you and this truly is breaking my heart. Please send my love to your family & hoping 2013 is filled with miracles for Bri. Love both you pretty girls. <3

  6. As long as I can remember, my sister has been a shining, beaming, glorious, and joyful light in my life. She is the one thing that gives me hope in my life because after all of the things that she has been through, she continues to fight it out and survive. To be entirely honest, I have been feeling a lot of anger and confusion towards God because I can’t bring myself to believe that anyone as wonderful as her could deserve such a painful and challenging life, but she is my silver lining, and she is my miracle. Please, help my family bring a miracle to my miracle. If anyone knows Briana like I do, they will agree. She is the most deserving of compassion of anyone.

  7. Thanking Melina International Trading Company and “For A Cause” for donating 1.00 per bottle from their premium olive oil please purchase your olive oil to help save Sarah Also thanking the Los Angeles Post for your constant support. THE FAMILY HAS TREMENDOUS MEDICAL BILLS AND NO MONEY TO COVER DAILY EXPENSES TO REMAIN BY SARAH’S SIDE IN THE HOSPITAL. A PAYPAY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SET UP AT [email protected]

  8. Wow….20 times between the ages of 9 and 15 years old is way too much. I am so sorry to hear this! DKA is a horrible thing to have. You say she is stubborn. Hmmm so am I, but I do not judge others, I can lend an ear, talk about it with them, but, in the end it’s up to them if they want to take other people’s advice. My prayers go out to Bri. I’m 43 and have lived with t1 since I was 9.
    Nothing ever comes easy, and basically it’s all in the food. However when infections come along, it’s a nightmare!!!! I wish her and all of you all the very best. xxoo

  9. This is truly a difficult story to read. My heart goes out to this brave young girl. My younger brother, Ryan, passed away 2 years ago at the age of 26 due to complications from Pancreatic Transplant Surgery. He was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 12 and struggled pretty badly at times with the disease. We started a non-profit organization in honor of my brother. I will do all I can to get the word out through my social media contacts. Keep fighting Bri!!

    Brett Hyson
    Vice President, The Ryan Hyson Foundation for Diabetes Research

  10. to you and your family Corynne,beauty of love for your sister shines on you as you show the special connection you have for your sister. TRUST in God He has a plan,and will give you the strength to persuade Brie’s life as well as yous. My prayers are with you and your family. Anne

  11. we are praying for Bri please let us know how she is doing.

  12. prayers are headed your way……for you and your family for god to give everyone strength. and you have a very special sister to post and keep us informed of how your doing..keep looking up! keep smileing. praying for you daily…..

  13. Jo Lynn Haussmann

    May the Lord give glorious grace to Bri and her family. Our God is a God of mercy and He loves Bri more than she could ever imagine. It is so sad that she has had to live a life of being so sick. Somethings we don’t understand and this is certainly one of those things. Questioning is out of the question. There is no way we could figure out why she has had to suffer but may she know that LOVE & PRAYERS are hers even right here in Texas. God Bless You Bri!! {HUGS}

  14. Just saw this on Audra’s web site. My heart goes out to you and your family. Just know we are thinking of you.

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