The Unique and Surrealism Art World of Maurice Howard

 The Surrealism Art World of

Maurice Howard



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About The Artist:

Maurice Howard was born in Waco, Texas, and raised in Southern California.  When he was three years old, his family relocated to France, where his father served in the military.    After a few years in Europe, they returned to the United States.


At the age of 19, Howard became inspired to paint.   He attended several independent art schools, and later enrolled into Cal State Fullerton College, where he majored in fine art studies.  After completing college, he was hired by Hanna-Barbera Production Studio, as an “In-betweener” in the animation department.


Following his employment at Hanna-Barbera, he worked as a Dental Technician in Pasadena, California.  Inspired by Salvador Dali, McEscher and African -American graphic artist and painter Charles White, Howard’s style of work can be viewed across the board, from realism to surrealism.   Using a mixture of pencil, acrylic and oil, he creates rich images and stunning abstracts that are exceptionally unique, such that, once you view them for a period of time, a mysterious image is revealed under his continuous layers of lines and curves.


In 1982, Howard was commissioned by the City of Hollywood to create a mural.  His popular mural image of the “Melrose Clown,” was not only seen in the community, but viewed in two major films, “The Last Dragon” and “Rhythm Of The Night.”


As a solo exhibitor and under the mentorship of Charles Bibbs, Maurice’s work has been well received at the following art venues:


The New Orleans Essence Artist Marketplace

Rainbow Production Long Beach Jazz Festival,

Omega Events JazzFest West 2011, San Dimas, California

Riverside Caesar Chavez “Give Back To The Community”

Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo,

Susan Fleming Art Gallery, Riverside

Winery at Canyon Crest, Riverside, Ca.,

Black History Month Celebration, Culver City, Ca,

Crenshaw Plaza Art Show, Los Angeles, Ca.,

Oakland Art and Soul, Oakland, Ca.

Riverside Metropolitan Museum “Adornment” Exhibition,

“Masks-UnMasked Exhibition Winery at Canyon Crest

San Bernardino County Art Exhibition

“Faces” Art Exhibition.  Healthy Heritage Cultural Wellness Center, Riverside

Leimert Park Festival, Los Angeles, Ca

Jazzfest West 2012, San Dimas Ca

UCR Riverside Black History Month 2012, Riverside, Ca

Riverside Arts Museum Silent Art Auction, Riverside, Ca

Oasis Art Fundraiser, Highland, CA

Cheryl Brown for Assemblywoman Fundraiser, San Bernardino, Ca

Patton State Mural Project, Highland, Ca

Heart Enterprise, Riverside, Ca

Black Picasso, Solo Exhibition, HHCWC, Riverside, Ca.

Aurea Vista Shopping Mecca, Art 2000 Art Exhibition, Riverside, Ca.

Pan African Film & Arts Festival 2013, Los Angeles, CA


Today, Maurice credits much of his success to world-renowned artist Charles Bibbs, who has given him continued support and motivation.   “I am grateful to have this opportunity to work under an artist of his caliber, and one who is so well-respected in the art community.”  Maurice is currently serving as a member of Art2000 Visual Artists Association, an organization founded by Charles Bibbs to support young and emerging artists.


“For me, I am interested in stepping out on faith, which is pivotal in my life as an artist.  Without faith, the road leads you to nowhere.  At some point, you have to allow whatever is inside you to guide you.  As ideas come to me, like a plant, my inspirations grow from there.”  -  MAURICE HOWARD, ARTIST


For more information: [email protected]


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  1. I’m trying to reach Maurice Howard for years. He is an old friend!

  2. His art is and was always amazing!

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