“The Dia Diaries” Oprah’s Pedicurist and “Footnanny”

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A Beverly Hills Pedicure with Oprah’s Personal Pedicurist and “Footnanny”  

“Ok, take a deep breath out” my stomach collapses like a deflated balloon, as she holds my tiny feet in her soft but strong hands. At this point of my treatment, my body is in a state of complete relaxation, yet my senses are awakened and stimulated. This isn’t your average strip mall pedicure you squeeze into your day; this is a luxurious experience…this is “wellness beyond a pedicure.”


Nestled inside of Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon is the beautifully cozy Footnanny Nail Spa. I was introduced to the charismatic and professional Gloria L. Williams, the Creator and CEO of footnanny.com; Licensed Nail Technician, Spa Consultant and Certified Reflexologist.


The Dia Diaries was provided the opportunity to experience the Footnanny’s extraordinary treatment, but first we discussed her inspiration, technique and the Footnanny Brand!


TDD: What inspired you to become a “Footnanny”?

Gloria: When I was younger my mother would take me along with her to visit people that were ill. She always believed that if you rubbed special ointments on their feet or limbs that it would help them get better and in most cases, it did! So I believe what I do today is inspired by what I was taught at a young age.

TDD: You service an array of clients but we’d love to know how you became Oprah’s personal Footnanny?

Gloria: I use to work for the Harpo Studios Spa in Chicago. It was a phenomenal environment with like-minded individuals that felt like a family. I was eventually provided the opportunity to service Ms. Winfrey, which was fantastic but as a professional, it’s something I never revealed. One day I was doing her feet and wearing my Footnanny shirt and she decided to create a video and tweet about her experience with the Footnanny, which was beneficial to the development of my brand.

TDD: How long have you been in the industry and did you feel there was a void in foot care?

Gloria: I’ve been in the industry over 25 years. I believe that pedicurist don’t spend enough time on their client’s feet. So I decided to create Footnanny 2000, which is comprised of a 2000 stroke count (I also offer Footnanny 5000 for my private clients.) As a certified reflexologist, I target other areas of my client’s body by the pressure points on their feet. Sometimes if someone has problems conceiving, I work with their reproductive organ areas by helping them relax those muscles in their feet. I’ve had an ecstatic client that said “I don’t know WHAT you did…but I’m pregnant!”


TDD: Wow, that’s incredible!! Please don’t touch that area on my feet! Tell us more about the Footnanny process?

Gloria: Well Footnanny begins where the pedicure ends! The Footnanny treatment consists of Reflexology, Reiki and Thai.

  1. Reflexology occurs by focusing solely on the pressure points and connecting to various parts of the body through the feet.
  2. Reiki deals with stress reduction, healing and energy. I studied metaphysics, so I enjoy focusing on energy.
  3. The Thai element comes in with the massaging, stretching and light pulling at the end which requires deep breathing.


TDD: Tell us about the signature Footnanny Creams you offer

Gloria: I wanted to provide my clients with an array of scents as well as creams specific to their needs. I chose the Tea Tree scent because it’s a natural antifungal, Lavender scent because it’s soothing (the guys love that best,) Chocolate scent makes people feel good, Peppermint scent for sweaty feet and an energy booster and finally the unscented is for clients that want the same results without the added aromatherapy. The creams contain soy, shea and cocoa butter and I decided to work with compounds because they aren’t greasy. So although it’s rich in texture, it’s light and includes vitamins.


Finally, Gloria ends her elite Footnanny treatment by painting your toes with top of the line nail lacquer. Without a doubt, The Footnanny Nail Spa is a place to luxuriate and should undoubtedly get added to your weekly list of indulgences.



CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury Extensions.


4 Responses to “The Dia Diaries” Oprah’s Pedicurist and “Footnanny”

  1. Chandia,
    I Loved your article! I know firsthand of the power of reflexology and the benefits that it provides to your body. Thanks to moms genetics, I have issues with my knees; On my birthday I had a terrible pain in my knee and was having a hard time walking. I went for an intense foot massage treatment and walked out of the spa completely better. Thank you for confirming the ability to heal via this massage method through testimonials presented in your article. Continue to inspire. Kamla-Kay @modelkamlakay on IG/Twitter :).

  2. Chandia,
    You captured the true meaning of a footnanny2000 Treatment! A combination of Thai, Raki and Reflexology! You must come back for the footnanny5000 Experience! You will need 180 minutes and have a limo take you home!

    For years I have pushed my brand to the next level only to have an amazing article written by YOU! For appointments to my footnanny Beverly Hills Nail Spa download the free footnanny app in the App Store to your phone or tablet. You may also call Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon and book with the footnanny for the footnanny2000! call 310-273-3155

  3. Dear Chandia,
    It was a joy for me to read your article on Gloria Williams a.k.a. “The Footnanny”. You have truly captured the essence of the Footnanny experience. Over the past 20+ years, the Footnanny experience has been an integral part of my life and that of my father’s. It was important for us both to share that “wellness beyond a pedicure” experience on an ongoing basis. Thank you for sharing her story.

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