Tips on Selecting the Best Parisian Wines

Living in a dream city like Paris can be extremely overwhelming sometimes. Especially when you don’t speak fluent French. Fortunately for us, alcohol has been one of the most incredible barrier-breaker of all times. But unfortunately in this city, trying to afford a glass of Mojito or Cosmo in a non happy hour bar can burn tiny holes in your pockets one sip at a time. Although we aren’t opposed to indulging in the occasional bottle that sells for 3-euros, we understand the value of investing in good wine.

So here’s a little beginners guide to the wine-y nights.

1. Turn around – Checking the backside of the bottle is one of the most important things you can do. While reading and comprehending the half French fancy labels can be a little tricky, this may help:
> Old world wines read – Chateau Moulin de Grenet 2009 Lussac Saint-Emilion
> New world wines read – Cake bread 2006 Merlot, Napa Valley

2. Do your homework – We’re not asking you to have a PhD on wine tasting or selection. Just a little research on the best regions and years can go a long way. Knowing this will help you understand the climate and thus you can see if the quality is fair. Don’t be fooled by the age. Old wines aren’t necessarily better. And don’t be shy! You can always ask for recommendations.

3. Scent it – Dive your nose deep inside that glass and sniff as hard as you can. Does it smell like wine? Or is it fruity? Floral? Yes? No. Swirl and sniff and taste. They say the more you smell, the better the wine may taste. And if it doesn’t smell right, it probably isn’t.

4. Tongue twister - Once you’ve smelt it, it’s time to taste. Take a sip and let it travel a little inside, caress all the taste buds and then decide. Do you taste the grapefruit? Dark cherries? Try and pick up as many flavors as you can from a single sip. If it all stays in longer, even better!

And here’s a little cheat sheet for the next time you’re in France:
⦁ Chateau Cabezac
⦁ Delas Fréres
⦁ Domaine du Tariquet
⦁ Laurent Miquel
⦁ Producteurs Plaimont
And if you’re still not happy, just ask the waiter. They’ll be more than happy to help you find true love!
Written by: Roshni Raj (The Dia Diaries, Paris Contributor)
CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury.


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