Walking While Black: L.O.V.E. Is the Answer - New Documentary


Empowering New Documentary Provides Grounded Solutions to Racial Tension in the United States


Walking While Black: L.O.V.E. Is the Answer is a rare solution-oriented feature-length documentary that delves into the politically and socially-charged issue of racial profiling and injustice in the United States.


A gritty but inspiring tale of pain, forgiveness and healing, the film does not shy away from the worst stories that have become all too familiar in the news today: weaponless victims shot and killed by police, wrongful conviction and even racially-based limits on career advancement within law enforcement itself. However, Walking is much more than the typical exposé-style documentary that leaves audiences informed but empty-handed. Interviews with a wide array of city and federal law enforcement officers, politicians, and intellectuals portray a successful model of community involvement that connects the best intentions of law enforcement with the communities that it serves.


Best of all, the film is only the first step in an integral approach to lasting change as envisioned by producer-director and Hollywood FAME award-winner A.J. Ali, who coined the acronym L.O.V.E. (Learn about the community, Open your heart to the people in it, Volunteer yourself to be part of the solution and Empower others to do the same) to express his vision. With screenings of the documentary already taking place in major cities such as Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, the theatrical release will be followed in May with a companion book featuring contributions by a wide range of experts.


But that’s only the beginning: the L.O.V.E Is The Answer Tour launches that same month. A 50-state, 120-event endeavor, the tour aims to connect idealism to action with workshops between peace officers and community members, musical performances, and a nationwide short film contest highlighting officers and students working together to show L.O.V.E in their communities.


Walking While Black L.O.V.E. Is the Answer premiered at the Broad Stage February 1st, 2017 in Santa Monica, CA and is currently sweeping the country with its positive, holistic message of community healing and hope for the race we all belong to: the human race.
Find future screenings, sample clips and more information at walkingwhileblackthemovie.com.

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Katherine King is a writer and actress living in Santa Monica, CA


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